High anxiety / nervousness issue?

Tess is a 7 year old, healthy, spayed female. She and Olivia got along great until one day, they didn't. i have no idea why. but things were peaceful.
last year, we moved from a one bedroom apartment to a 3+ bedroom house with porch and basement. prior to the move, tess was upset at the apartment. i know it had to do with packing and she was startled once or twice by coming around the side of a box and meeting with riley or olivia.
when we moved, it took Tess the longest to adjust. she chases and charges riley, but not consistently, since we moved. they've tussled, and i've been to the vet to get a claw taken out of riley's eyelid.
she still charges riley, and growls at olivia. recently, chester came to live with us, and upset the balance again. she screams when he comes near her, and he doesn't touch her.
i've done feliway, calming collars, and rescue remedy. i have 5 litterboxes, and four feeding and water stations. i have cat trees and shelves everywhere.
is medication next?

Asked by Tess on Oct 25th 2013 Tagged anxiety, fear, medication in Behavior & Training
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Panda Bear

Try calming treats and sprays for where you notice the behavior the most (treat the area, not the cat). When you see her behaving inappropriately, you can spray her with a water bottle of 1/2 water and 1/2 white vinegar. Eventually she will go away as soon as she sees the bottle. Some cats react to moving and the addition of other animals poorly. You need to give her EXTRA attention. I got a new kitten and Orion ignored me for a couple of days until I gave him extra attention and encouraged him to sleep next to my pillow again. Also, get a cat bed that is just hers, and let everybody know it- then add catnip. If someone else goes in, remove them. She needs her own space. If all of the above doesn't work, then yes, kitty prozac is a possibility, after the vet checks her out to make sure that nothing else is wrong with her. ^_^ Meow peace!!

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