Hi, My sweet kitty just under a yr old, with her short hair and tuxedo colors... tends to want to pee on ALL soft thing

Asked by Member 1166005 on Apr 19th 2013 in Behavior & Training
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Angel Velcro

First of all, have your kitty examined by the vet to make sure she doesn't have any urinary medical problems. Cats with urinary problems usually pee on things to show you they have a problem. In such cases, peeing on wrong things usually clears up after the medical problem has been treated.
When I have a cat who pees on things he shouldn't pee on, I put him into an extra large plastic dog crate along with his litter pan, bed, and food and water. Then I can tell if he has a urinary problem or not. With cats who don't have any medical problems, often if they're clean in the crate for a month they will continue being clean and using the litter after they're let out of the crate again.
Make sure your litter pans are large enough, kept clean enough to suit the cat (many cats won't use a dirty litter pan),& are in quieter areas of the house. Some cats won't use a covered litter pan & must be given open pans.
Feliway spray has helped many ppl solve problems similar to yours.

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