Hi my cat stands next to her food bowl andscratches the cupboard door even when the bowl is full she scraches for about

Asked by Member 1149052 on Jan 9th 2013 Tagged behavior in Behavior & Training
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Joey (In Memory)

Your question was cut off but I can offer some insight. One of two things could be happening here - either she doesn't like what you are offering and is trying to discard of it - or she could be feeling insecure if there are other animals in the home and she is trying to cover her food. The latter is actually typical feral behavior - they cover their kill or food to prevent other animals from taking it. For my cats - I usually see this when I offer them a flavor they aren't too fond of - I call it flavor rebellion - and it's usually followed by howling.

If you have other animals in the house - try feeding her in another room or observe feeding time and see if anyone is making her feel uncomfortable. If not – try different foods and see if the behavior stops.

Good luck!

Joey (In Memory) answered on 1/9/13. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer