Hi, Is my cat a Turkish Van, or a Turkish Van Mix? How do I post photos of her on here?

I adopted "China Doll" from a Humane Society 5 1/2 yrs. ago. I thought she was just a mixed breed. Then I recently saw the very end of an episode of Cats 101, where they showed a brief photo of a Turkish Van. I was shocked at the similarity, so I went online and began researching this breed I had never heard of before.
I found out that she has the same colorations, the same facial profile and high cheekbones, the same large ears, and many of the same general characteristics, except that she does not swim or like water. They did say that some of the Turkish Vans don't like water. Otherwise she is a dead ringer to some of the photos posted on the Catster website of Turkish Vans.
If someone knows how I can post photos of her, or find out for sure, please let me know.

Asked by Member 1143275 on Dec 30th 2012 in Turkish Van
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