Hi! I am going to have a 8 hour car trip with my two cats, do you recommend to give them something to sleep?

Asked by Member 1166353 on Apr 21st 2013 Tagged traveling in Behavior & Training
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Years ago when I used to show cats, I would take them on long trips to cat shows. The only thing I did when taking them on trips as long as 6 or more hours was to put them in crates large enough that I could put a shoebox sized litter pan in with the cat and the cat still have enough room to lie down comfortably. I never gave them any drugs at all. Most of them calmed down and catnapped throughout most of the time on the road. Even those that howled (I showed Siamese among others) eventually gave it up after awhile. I didn't offer them food or water during the time on the road except when I stopped at a rest stop or restaurant. Most of the time, the cats weren't interested in food or water at all until I got them to the hotel and settled into their big cages I kept them in at the hotel rooms.

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