hi guys, I just got a female kitten about 2 months ago so right now shes about 5 months old. (she is a wonderful kitten). I thought she could use a friend. So I got her a male friend that is about 4 months old. (he is also wonderful) Before I got my female kitten her friend she would follow me everywhere, purr all the time, always come to me, and so on. Now she doesn't do that as much. When I pick her up sometimes shell meow or when I'm petting her. It seems like shes mad at me. Is that true? She will also hiss at the new kitten. Is that normal? When I introduced them I put the new kitten down and let him explore the house, while my female kitten was also walking around the house. Did I do something wrong? Will my kittens ever become friends? I also have two litter boxes and two food and water dishes. Is that good to do? Please help!!! Thanks!!! :)

Will they ever get along?
Will my female kitten always act this way towards me and my kitten?

Asked by Member 1145763 on Dec 18th 2012 Tagged kittens, meow, cats, friends, fun, food, litter, wonderful in Kittens
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Your two kittens will become friends. It takes from 2 weeks to 2 months for a cat to adjust to a new home and for the resident cats to get used to the newcomer. The hissing is normal and will decline. It is good to have two litter boxes, food dishes, water dishes for the two kittens.

Two months ago I rescued 3 kittens and 2 adult cats and now two months later, all of them are accepted by my cat family including the oldest cat who will be 15 in December.

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