Hey I just got my kitten neutered today, came home at about 2 pm ish, and now it's 11 pm ish and he is bouncing around l

Asked by Member 1209585 on Jan 14th 2014 Tagged urgent, neuter, kitten, ecollar in Spaying & Neutering
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Bezalel Tiger

Try to keep the kitten calm so that the stitches are not pulled out and the incision area does not get infected. Ways that you can do this are to keep him separated from any other cats he may want to play with for awhile, temporarily hide some favorite toys, and play classical or instrumental music when you are not home. After three days, examine the area and if it looks good, it's okay for him to be a hyper kitty again! Thanks for neutering and feed a healthy kitten food for his first year like Nutro Max's MaxKitten dry and wet foods ^_^

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