HELP! Why is my 1yr old kitten still marking?

We aquired our friend's kitten after he showed aggression towards her 2yr old daughter. He was taken from the litter at 6 weeks due to his brothers and sister getting run over at a farm, so his aggression was understandable but soon died subsided with a new surrounding. We got him neutered at 8-9 months because he would mark everywhere! He will mark linens, our bed, towels in the bathroom, blankets in the livingroom.
The vet explained this would quit after a few weeks, well it's been a few months and he hasnt shown any sign of letting up any time soon.
We dont want to give him up, as he's become very affectionate in our care and our other cat just loves him, but it's soon to become the choice becaue we are sick of constantly cleaning messes.

Asked by Member 1146536 on Dec 26th 2012 Tagged neutered, cat, kitten, spotting, marking, peeing, urinating, stress, vet in Health & Wellness
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When he marks does he stand with his butt up against an object and "spray" urine at it, or is in normal urinating (puddle style) outside of the litter box area? The first is true territory marking the second is a form of expression unrelated to instinctual marking called "indiscriminate urination", and requires a different approach.

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