Help! Need to give my unhappy cat a flea bath...

Help! I need to give my miserable cat (yes, I know that sounds terrible but she was so awesome as a kitten and I got her because she was so friendly and fun, I have no clue what happened, the environment has not changed at all either...) a flea bath but she's nearly impossible to hold. She's only happy when she's completely alone. RARELY does she let anyone touch her, let alone sit near her. She hates any kind of affection (holding especially, though she is occasionally ok with petting, but not for a long period of time). I tried to give her a bath last week and ended up with three huge gauges in each of my hands because she completely freaked out. I couldn't even rinse her completely so I had a half soapy and wet, miserable cat hiding in my living room. I've read the articles on here but don't think the tips will help and short of tying her legs together to keep her from using them - what can I do?? I really don't want more scars or bloodshed...

Asked by Member 1194706 on Oct 16th 2013 Tagged bath, fleas, bloodshed in Bathing
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