HELP my cat has recently had a mood change. more info in detail

I have a 2-3 yr old male neutered cat. he recently started to pee everywhere so we took him to the vet. turned out he had a urinary tract infection. he went on some pills for a short time but just in the past two days he hasnt eaten anything or come out from under my bed. he used to be an active cat and now he has no response to when you touch him, give him toys or anything. he looks sick and in pain. ive noticed in the past few days he has licked him self "downstairs" quite often(every 30-60 mins) any ideas? please help

Asked by Member 1153821 on Feb 5th 2013 Tagged behavioral, urinary, tract, infection in Health & Wellness
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It sounds like you have to make another trip to the vet. If he's licking a lot it probably means he is still feeling a lot of discomfort or that he has developed urinary crystals as well. Have him checked out again by the vet, I would consider having a blood panel run as well just to make sure everything is OK on that front.

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