help me! My cat is licking hair off or patches of hair loss. Where hair is gone there is tiny hard red bumps. help?

the vet wants over $350,00 to find what is wrong. i do not have that much money.

Asked by Member 830809 on Apr 27th 2009 in Skin Problems
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Simon Sukui S.S. Sr.

It's a common problem with cats. Our Simon does the same thing. It is most likely stress related. I would first rule out allergies, which you can do the basics yourself. 1st make sure he is given a quality flea medication (advantage, frontline) a lot of times they are allergic to fleas and there bites causing the excessive licking.. Keep your place clean and vacuumed, (allergies to dust mites) Make sure his bedding doesn't contain strong perfumes. He may have a food allergy so try some new high quality brand food, make sure you are switching the food gradually. I was told chicken is the #1 most common food allergy ingredient. It will likely end up being stress related. Cats get stressed out over things you would not even think of. Has there been a change in the household? New animals, change in schedule, new people around? Even a moved piece of furniture can do it. Give extra loving attention and affection. He may end up needing temporary cat anxiety medication. Good luck!

Simon Sukui S.S. Sr. answered on Apr 27th.

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Surely you made a type-o, at least with the decimal right? 350 thousand-no.
Vet may want to "swab" / scrape an affected area onto glass slide to check the epidermis for bacteria, fungal etc.. but the cost should not be more that office visit and lab for sample. Has your cat actually seen the vet yet? Please take your cat to the vet and have the vet give him a physical exam and look at the hair loss and red bump. Start with an office visit, which should only by around $50.00 ,

Member 628763 answered on 4/27/09. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer