Tonks and Mac

Help! I think my cat is stress eating

We have 2 cats, Tonks, who is 16.2 lb and Mac who is 10.8. Mac and Tonks are brothers and have been together since birth, they are on a scheduled feeding time on diet food to keep them down, mostly for Mac's sake so keep from over stressing his lame elbow. Mac has gone down to a healthy weight but Tonks keeps gaining. We also just got a new puppy about 3 weeks ago. Mac has always been very open to her but Tonks has always been very stand offish and has just now started coming back down stairs. We keep the puppy from every going up stairs so the cats have a safe place but now when we put the food down Tonk instantly eats. He doesn't eat the whole thing since it's 2 servings at once (both cats have always eaten out of the same dish). We're worried about Mac loosing too much weight and Tonks is already 6 lbs overweight.I'm worried about feeding them separately because Mac doesn't instantly eat when we put food down. I'm also worried about the cats feeling neglected due to the puppy. Help!

Asked by Tonks and Mac on Jul 10th 2013 Tagged puppy, stress, over, eating, too, much, cat, food, dog, neglected, worried, fearful, scared, siamese, exercise, fat, obese, weight, large in Obesity
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Panda Bear

Adding a new pup to the mix is never easy. While you are training the new one it is important to spend even more time with the cats. Make sure that the cat feeding area is away from the dog area, and the same for their litter box. It is best to portion control and feed the cats the right amount at the same time in their own bowl or one large one. Wet food has less calories and might be a good addition for your overweight cat. I like MaxCat cans in Oceanfish or Chicken and Liver; there are a ton of other flavors. After the wet, give them three Greenies treats each to clear their teeth from the wet. They come in 5 flavors and are low-cal per piece. You can give Tonks more treats and/or wet food in a special place to keep up his weight. Panda is skinny as a rail and the #1 cat, but he will step back and let Orion eat first because he's the baby (now age 7), and will then clean-up afterwards. ^_^

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