help! I just adopted 2 cats from our local animal shelter (they were actually brought in a couple hours before we arrive

Asked by Member 1159418 on Mar 19th 2013 Tagged newowner in The Adoption Process
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Have you never had cats before? If not, the best thing to do when you bring them home, is put them in a room away from every one and everything. They need a safe room. Set up their litter box and food in that room, and you can spend time in there with them, but don't let them out yet. If they are super curious after a few days, let them out to explore, my cats had a full week in the room before coming out. Cats are pretty easy. The need food, clean litter boxes, a cozy place to sleep and love. They will be eternally grateful to you for rescuing them. Have at least two litter boxes, one for each cat. If you have a dog, you will want to put a baby gate on the door of the safe room when you let them out.....a few inches off the ground to leave a space for them to crawl under really quickly if they need to get in the safe room quickly. I hope all is going well and that you make a profile so we can see pics of new kitties :) bless you for rescuing them!!!

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