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I have a American Bobtail kitten coming around April 6. I also have 5 cocker spaniels. I am making one of the empty bedrooms a playroom for the kitten I have named Asia. That way while at work I can keep the dogs away from her till she is bigger and can take care of herself. Litter box, water, cat tree etc are in there. Now my question is at night. I don't mind her sleeping with me cause the dogs do, but I don't want them to hurt her if she is up and I am asleep. What do I need to do? Leave her in the other room for a few weeks??? Also how often do I need to feed her...dry food is what she is on.

Asked by Member 847892 on Mar 17th 2014 Tagged playroom in Health & Safety
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Normally cats rule the roost. They just have a stronger more dominant energy that dogs-no matter their size or age. I would leave the kitten set up in a room until the dogs can get used to her smell. When you decide to introduce them, hold her and make sure she is protected until you see the dogs reaction. If the dogs check her out and walk away, you are good. The kitten will most likely hiss and spit but she is just claiming her territory and giving warning. As far as food, I have always given my cats a small amount of a high quality wet food in the morning and free feed dry. Kittens need a higher fat food so stick with a high quality kibble and lots of fresh water. Good luck!

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Orion Hemingway

First off, any kitten with front claws has the potential to get one of your dog's eyes with a quick swat, so I would worry about them more than her. On the side of the bag will be feeding guidelines based on age and weight. In the case of a high-quality food like Natural Choice kitten dry food in the light green bag, the recommended amounts listed are daily, so you would give 1/2 in the morning and 1/2 at night. Do not let the dogs eat the kitten food... there is too much protein and they will gain weight. ^_^

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