Have you mixed clumping litter with non clumping litter?

I am always looking for ways to save money that are within reason. I do use a store brand litter that is unscented and clumps really well. I like it and my cats seem to like it. Like I said I am always looking to save within reason. Since nonclumping litter is super cheap I was wonder has anyone ever mixed 50/50 clumping litter with non clumping litter? Does it still clump ok? My guys are not litter picky so I don't have to worry about that as long as the boxes are clean. I have 2 boxes and 2 cats. I scoop twice a day.

Asked by Footless on Aug 18th 2013 Tagged catlitter, catboxes, litterboxes, mixingcatlitter in Pet Products
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Bezalel Tiger

You will find that the clumps do not hold together and the box becomes a smelly, dusty mess, especially if you have mutliple cats. The same thing happens when I use a cheapo sandy clumping litter in with a brand-name that I usually buy. The bathroom is covered in a thin gray layer for a month, ugh... ^_^

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