Have moved home and my deaf cat will not come out of hiding

I know this question has probably been asked a million times, but I wondered if anyone had any tips for helping a deaf cat adapt to a new home. We brought a old sofa bed from home and she ran under it and has not come out all weekend, Saturday was a very hot day and she has not had, from what I can see, any water all weekend. Even my boyfriend, who is not a cat person, was laying on the floor trying to tempt her out with treats but she is not having it. Every time we hear her move we both freeze hoping to see her little head pop out but nothing.

I've read a couple of people saying to talk to your pet to reassure them but my poor little girl is deaf, I tried staying close by so she could see that I was here, laid on the floor for an hour with my hand under the sofa bed so she could smell me, all to no avail. We stayed in all weekend just incase but we've both had to go to work today and are just so worried about her.

Asked by Member 1180348 on Jul 15th 2013 in Other Behavior & Training
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Panda Bear

She can still see, so I would place a water bowl within her sight from the bottom of the couch. She is more likely to come out and explore when no one else is around. Deaf animals can be very jumpy, so make sure she sees you, and she can hear the vibrations from your voice. Fish her out and again, show her where the food, litter and water is. If she is a lap cat, you can pet her while she is sitting on your lap on the couch. Cats are territorial and often don't move very well, but your cat should adapt. If she's still not eating and there has been nothing in the litter box, I would ask your vet for help. ^_^

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