Grooming for a long hair angora cat...HELP!

Does anyone have any tricks for keeping a long-haired angora cat from matting? He is an outdoor cat. I comb every chance I get but he just keeps matting up. It is going to get to the point where he will need to be shaved and that would be a shame.
Is there a particular comb/tool you can recommend? Thanks!

Asked by Figaro on Feb 11th 2010 Tagged longhair, matting, dematting, angora, grooming, tools in Grooming
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Some Catsters may disagree, but from my year and a half showing Harvey at cat shows, and giving him a two hour grooming ritual each time, I would say that the occasional bath takes away a lot of the extra fur that otherwise would get tangled or thrown up as hairballs. Other than that, groomers and breeders swear by metal combs rather than brushes, which can't always penetrate to the undercoat, which is the main cause of fur problems. By the way, Figaro doesn't look like the kind of Turkish Angora I've seen at cat shows (which are smallish, medium haired cats with very erect ears). If anything, he looks like he has Norwegian Forest Cat heritage--the oblique eyes, the small ears. NFCs are known for their double coats, but are also said not to mat much. The occasional shampoo and use of a metal comb will help. Also, it's very hard to keep a long haired cat well-groomed if he goes outdoors. You can see pictures of NFCs at

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Izadore (Izzie)

Welcome to Catster, Figaro! And Harvey, we hardly recognized you!! Nice new pic!! I had Delilah shaved when she became totally covered in mats last summer and it was not a pleasant experience for either of us. In/out cats bring all sorts of things, living and inanimate, into the house in their fur. It's important to use flea preventative like Frontline or Advantage on them monthly. And, if he spends lots of time outside in the cold, he'll grow a thicker coat. Some people swear by the Furminators, but they didn't work on Delilah. I use a slicker (pin) brush and a metal comb on her. It's not so much WHAT you use, but the frequency of use. I keep a brush or comb on my chairside table and whenever Delilah is on my lap, I brush at least one side of her. During static electricity season, I spray the brush with watered down human hair conditioner and brush her with that. It cuts down on the matting by a lot. You may want to consider having him groomed once a year or so.

Izadore (Izzie) answered on 2/11/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer


OOh, i know this one,
try the " Fur Buster" you can get it at Target! I have a VERY long haired cat, he sheds alot too!! And the Fur Buster gets all the dead fur off of him! Trust me, it does work! you may have seen it on TV, i didnt exactly think it would work, but he was shedding really bad, so, i gave it a try! And you would be suprised how much fur it gets off! You sit there with a towel under you, and brush, the next thing you know, you have this HUGE thing of cat hair beside you!!That is what i recommend for your furry kitty! Good luck, hope it works for you!!! :) Jett

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