Got two black cats in a multiple cat household who only attack each other. We have tried nearly everything.

We have tried separating positive reinforcement , natural stuff short of giving one away. They are the only two who don't get along, and it's only the one really.

Asked by Riley on Apr 6th 2014 in Behavior & Training
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Panda Bear

Is a younger cat trying to be the alpha, or is it an older cat trying to defend his territory? My cats and dog all get along, but I understand that this not the norm, and the kitten drives everyone nuts wanting to play. Here are some more suggestions that you might not have tried: calming spray in the area where one hangs out, playing classical music, the Cat Sitter dvd for your TV, pheromone sprays, catnip and aromatherapy. Try a calming collar on the one who is acting out. Put claw caps on his nails so that he can not seriously hurt the other cat. Add more climbing vertical spaces like a tall cat condo. If he is neutered, you can try letting him out for supervised walks to also remove some of his hyper energy. These are all things that you can try prior to rehoming, but if he behaves like this in another home he could end up at the shelter, which could be a death sentence; so, if you go that route, make sure that he will be an only cat. ^_^

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