Gender of my kitten? Picture included!

Hi there!

I simply want to know if my kitten is a male or female. I don't have any other kittens to compare my kitten to since I only have one and he/she was a stray. (Not to worry, my fur baby is doing just fine :) )

I apologize for the dirty anus, but the link below has a picture of my kitten's genitals.

I'm no cat expert, but based on pictures I have seen online, my kitten looks like a boy.

This is a picture of my cutie's face (not that it will help determine the gender very much, but it puts a face with the... parts. Haha).

I originally named my kitten "Mika", a Japanese female name meaning perfume or scent, but if she's actually a boy, I will obviously need a name change.

Thank you for reading! Have a wonderful day.

Asked by Member 1170924 on May 18th 2013 Tagged kitten, male, boy, female, girl, mika in Health & Wellness
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