FVRCP immunization shot.

Our cat just got the FVRCP immunization shot. That was yesterday...last night she had trouble walking and today it seems she is partially paralyzed on her left side and cannot stand up. she can move her limbs but not put any weight on them. Today we took her back to the vet who didnt know what was wrong but gave her a steroid shot. Anyone know what may be causing this? we are very worried!

Asked by Member 1119348 on Jul 6th 2012 Tagged fvrcp, immunization, paralysis in Medications
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I am curious as to whether or not your vet used an adjuvant or non-adjuvant vaccine. The non-adjuvant vaccine is safer. I would be concerned that your cat may have been exposed to the FVRCP (distemper) virus when she was a tiny kitten or in utero (before birth). I owned a cat who I took in as a feral kitten at about age six (6) months. The kitten was obviously abandoned by her mother and she walked wobbly. She lived a normal life despite this problem, but she had seizures on occasion which started at about age five years. Also, you may want to seek a second opinion from another veterinarian clinic or hospital. In any event, please monitor your kitty for seizures. Keep her indoors, and don't ever give her this vaccine again. If it were my cat, I probably would just get her an annual rabies vaccine and nothing else. I hope she is okay. God bless!

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