found out BOTH of my cats have crystals in there baldder. !!!

im feeding them c/d bladder health as i was told. givin the meds untill they were gone... but titan still is not peeing normaly.. i have to hold his tail up, witch i can imagine is not fun, for him to pee. and stillnot peeing like he should... and i have not seen him poop!!! not to sound this way but wouldent he have passed already if he was not pooping?.im.confused and scared. i have spend so much moneh already and he is still not ok.. help!!!!

Asked by baby&titan on Jan 18th 2013 in Health & Wellness
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Angel Buddha

You need to take Titan back to the vet. He may need a different kind of medication. Make sure he's drinking adequate water. Most sure you give him fresh water daily. You may have to mix some water with his food to get more water into him.

The only way to really know whether a cat is eating/drinking/urinating/defecating normally or not is to isolate the cat. Shut him in one room such as the bathroom. You will then know who is doing what in the litter pans. One way to see if a cat is urinating blood or not is to put white paper towel in the litter pan or if you're watching the cat when he goes to urinate, slip a white paper towel under him so the urine will hit the paper towel. Then you can easily see whether his urine is bloody or not.
Cats usually prefer privacy when using the litter pan and you may simply not have seen when your cat poops. Again, isolating Titan in one room will make it easy for you to know he's pooping normally too.

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