forKittens are gasping for air

My cat had kittens October 31st. I noticed one of them gasping for air it looked like. I kept an eye on him and he seemed fine. Now I've noticed that all the kittens are doing it. They're otherwise healthy. They are eating, normal size and progressing as normal kittens should. What's the matter?

Asked by Member 1199257 on Nov 13th 2013 in Kittens
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Panda Bear

Are you breeding or did your cat get knocked up by accident? If it's the latter, make an appointment to get her spayed in the future. The kittens might be sick or have worms as they are young. Put out a large water dish for them to drink from- the kits will copy the momma and learn to drink that way. In another month, bring them into the vet for their first set of vaccinations (there are three) and 1st check-ups. They will be dewormed and if they have a cold or worse, be given medicine. Now is also the time to help nursing mamma out and feed some canned Natural Choice kitten food! Mom needs to eat kitten food too until she stops nursing, which is very demanding. ^_^

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