Fighting cats? Yesterday, a neighborhood kitty (pet,stray, feral IDK) perched himself on the outside of my catio.

Two of the girls are fine with it and not affected at all (Java & Espresso). However, the other two girls are at each others throats and have been since they saw him. Any suggestions to get them to stop fighting?

Asked by Member 600250 on May 15th 2013 Tagged catsfighting in Aggression
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Izadore (Izzie)

This is called "redirected aggression". The obvious solution is to chase the male away. I posted recently about using coleus plants and coffee grounds spread around the area--2 scents cats don't like. There are also motion sprinklers that will come on when the cat approaches the catio. You may also have to separate the 2 girls when they fight, but be careful. You may have to use gloves and a blanket to keep from being bitten or clawed. You may need to separate them for an hour or even a day. If there is cat food out on the catio, remove it. It may be attracting the stray. Ditto for catnip toys. You may eventually have to consider trapping the cat and having the humane officer in your area remove it.

Izadore (Izzie) answered on May 16th.

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Are all the females spayed? The male is probably looking for a girlfriend and has probably sprayed around there area. You girls are probably trying to claim their property and it is stressing them out, thus, the fighting. Without knowing much about this situation, try to get the male to move on and make sure he hasn't "marked" the territory. Cats also know when another cat is sick and that will stress them out, too.

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