Sammy (RIP)

Feral w/occasional croupy cough?

I sometimes have a croupy cough like a seal barking, but no hairballs come up. I don't look very happy when I have these episodes, but I'm a shy backyard feral who only lets Mom pet me a little at the food bowl & nowhere else. I don't think I'd let her close enough to pick me up for a vet trip (or let a vet examine me). Any advice for Mom? What can she do short of trapping me & taking me to a vet (if she can (I'm 1 of 5 ferals)/if vet will see ferals)?
Hunter--thanks. Yes, I do hunch over & Mom hears a little wheezing tonight too. Maybe asthma? What's a feral to do?

Asked by Sammy (RIP) on Feb 13th 2008 in Health & Wellness
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Hmm you sound like when Sam had heartworm, although its usually prevalent in places with lots of mosquitos (Not really CA). You might have hairballs, for which Mom can put laxatone mixed in with your food. My other guesses would be an upper respiratory infection or asthma. A URI the doctor could give him antibiotics for, but the asthma I'm not sure you could treat very well in a feral. My big question is whether he hunches down and stretches out his neck when he does this. If he does, then I think you're more in the realm of heartworm/asthma neither of which would be easy to treat in a feral.
If he does wind up having to go to the vet those humane catch cages are wonderful...thats how we got Hunter and he wound up turning into such a friendly guy that we had to keep him.

Hunter answered on Feb 13th.

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Izadore (Izzie)

Unfortunately, there's no way to really observe a feral to see how their health is and if they're "off their feed" or not, like you can a housecat. It sounds like this kitty has health issues and the other four probably do, also. As for a vet who handles ferals, all you can do is call. I fell into a wonderful one with Izzie who taught me how to bring him around to the baby he is now. Perhaps if one doesn't he/she can recommend one who does. You can enlist the help of your local shelter or rescue organization to help with the trapping as you shouldn't try to handle trapped ferals on your own. A trapped feral can do serious injury to himself and others. Sorry, but trapping and vetting them is the only way you can be sure they're getting the medical attention they need. Good luck and bless you for caring!

Izadore (Izzie) answered on 2/14/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer