Feeling so guilty for putting my 5 month old kitten to sleep. Did I do the right thing?

My boyfriend and I adopted a very sweet kitten from a local shelter in September. He was sick when we got him but he 'chose us' and I loved him and bonded with him instantly. Gambit was so very sweet, loving, and cuddly. He got sick a few times with URIs and the vet suspected he may have feline herpes. He eventually got better, but last week he suddenly stopped eating, vomited occasionally, and had runny poo for days. Took him to the vet multiple times last week for IV fluids, meds, and tested his poo for parasites- nothing. Tried different food, even RX ones with enticing probiotics. Then last Friday-Saturday he started hiding under the bed.I took him to the vet and xrays revealed an obstruction. We ultimately decided to put him down as surgery wasn't guaranteed given his poor health history. I feel so so guilty- could I have done more? I feel guilty for what we 'did' to him. Even though we had a short time, I loved him so much and miss him so much.

Asked by Member 1200185 on Nov 19th 2013 Tagged petloss, death, kitten in Health & Wellness
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Orion Hemingway

Yes, obstruction can be cured, but it will be a chronic condition that could cost thousands with a lifetime of medicine and prescription foods. If your guy was in for a lifetime of pain, you did him a favor. If you didn't want to spend the $$, then yes you could have done more, like go to a holistic vet and get a second opinion. Most of us here adopt for life, and the goal is to give your pet the best life possible as caretaker. You have learned invaluable lessons that will serve you well as a future pet owner. Animals can be pricey (like people) when they get older, and adoption should ideally be for life. ^_^

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