'Doing business' in wrong place?

My 4-month-old British Shorthair Yuki knew where to do her 'business' from day one. We had no complications with her when suddenly, two days before our flight to a different country, she urinated in her basket and defacated on the floor. I don't understand. Why would she do this all of a sudden? Did she suddenly feel the tension of packing? When we arrived, she knew straight away where to do her 'business'. Sometimes, we would close her in the hallway with food + water, toys and her litter box because we would go out to town and she can't be left alone since she still doesn't know all the rules. She also had a room to go to and play and/or sleep in. When we would come home, there would be poop on the floor! Why? I read somewhere that it's because she wants to get revenge on us for leaving her alone? Today, she urinated on her NEW basket. But when we were back home, we would leave her as we do now and she would be fine. What's going on? Should I be worried?
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Asked by Yuki on Jul 30th 2013 Tagged kittens, litter, box, help in Kittens
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Orion Hemingway

She is showing her displeasure with your temporary "abandonment" and letting you know it, which is common behavior for both cats and dogs. I had a cat who would start getting watery eyes and seem sick whenever the suitcases came out. You can get her a neutered male friend to keep her company if you are a frequent traveler. Make sure she has plenty of food, water, toys, scratching posts and climbing areas. There are also babysitting DVD's that you can play for your animals that loop and entertain while you are away. Someone should be in to check on her daily in your absence as well. ^_^

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