Does anyone know where I can get a free glucose meter for my diabetic cat please? I am out of work and need one.

Asked by Member 1110285 on May 11th 2012 in Diabetes
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Check with Diabetic Cats In Need


Also, ask your local rescue groups. The rescue who helped me has offered to help me again if things get tough.

I'm either a Type 2 or Type 3 diabetic. I'm doing really well on a wet food only, low carb diet. I just did laser pointer backflips, climbed the curtain and galloped like a flash. I woke meowmie up at 6:30am and left a toy mouse in her bed. I said "Hellow" to meowmie when she came home. I was dx'ed one week ago with diabetes. My doctor put me on a diabetic diet. I'm not so thirsty anymore and I'm feeling fine.

Check out Dr Pierson's website

Dr Pierson has a .pdf file listing nutrient info on wet food. Your cat s/b on canned, raw or home made only. There is appropriate low cost cat food that is diabetic friendly available at your grocery store.

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