Does anyone know a no-kill facility or foster home in Las Vegas, NV that could care for a stray FIV positive kitty?

Rescued Grey Kitty this week - is having neuter, vax, and all medical treatments at vet now. Blood chemistries are pristine. Only lasting physical ailment is a chronic upper respiratory condition that requires a daily cleaning of the nose (which Grey Kitty loves). He is recovering from an abscess on his leg, and is doing very well. He's a love bug, kneading, rubbing, purring, and starving for attention. I'm trying to find him a home that will keep him indoors and clean his nose when needed. Or, a no-kill sanctuary or shelter that will care for him until he can be adopted. PLEASE, IF ANYONE IS FAMILIAR WITH LAS VEGAS, NV AND HAS INFO ABOUT HOW TO PLACE THIS KITTY,PLEASE CONTACT ME ASAP. He is currently boarding in the hospital, but does not have much time left before he needs to move out.

Asked by Member 666744 on Aug 5th 2008 Tagged fivpositive, lasvegasnv, nokill in Shelters & Rescue
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On this same website, click on Local and Select Rescue Organizations and enter your ZIP code.. you should be able find the list of organizations.. Please call them to confirm if they are taking in any cats (if they have space) etc.. Needless to say.. please Ensure they are indeed no-kill shelters. Out of curiousity.. have you thought of adopting him?

Tabby answered on Aug 5th.

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Minxy (1987-2008)

Best Friends is only 4 1/2 hours drive from Las Vegas and they are no kill and take FIV+ cats. They may also be able to refer you to more local shelters that can help too.

They keep the cats in really nice conditions with plenty of love and attention. I just adopted Minxy from there and they'd looked after her for 10 years before I adopted her and she's very social from all the attention/good care she got.

Their website is where you can find the details how to contact them.

Minxy (1987-2008) answered on 8/5/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer