Does anyone have any tips for training cats when using a wi-fi fence?

Here is a story for those thinking about a wi-fi fence for your cat!
We have 5 cats and 1 dog.. Our next door neighbor complained about one or more of them getting into her flower beds or on top of her car.

I invested about $400 in a wi-fi fence and collars. I could have spent a little more for the buried cable type of wireless fence, but the collar and battery expense for 6 pets would have been a lot of money. The collars for the wi-fi fence are rechargable.

The wi-fi unit did not provide the correct range as advertised. I modify guitar pedals for a living, so I modified the wi-fi unit. I attached a separate line, and ran another antennae from it to the outside area of our home. That did the trick, the pets can now go anywhere inside the house, or within a decent radius outside the house.

I tried out the wi-fi with some success with our dog. There was only once when she received a mild shock while trying to roam past the flagged perimeter. Her natural reaction was to turn around and head back towards home.
But the cats...that is a different story! I have tried to train 4 of the 5 cats. Each one of them eventually roamed past the flags and received a small shock. Each time the cat's reaction was to run like hell.

Training a cat is a two man operation. One of us needs to be inside next to the wi-fi unit on the cell phone with the other person who is outside with the cat. This way if something goes wrong, the person on the inside can shut down the wi-fi unit. Otherwise the cat would continue to receive a shock. If a cat actually runs outside of the range of the wi-fi fence, it needs to be shut down also...because when the cat returns home it would receive a shock as it approached the wi-fi fence perimeter.

So far this project has cost a lot of money, work , and time. The cats do not have a clue. Does anyone have any tips on how to train a cat for the wi-fi fence? The company that sells the thing does not respond.

Asked by Member 1182796 on Jul 28th 2013 Tagged cat, wififence, training in Other Behavior & Training
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