Lakota(R.I.P My Angel)

Does anyone have addvice for me on how to save my older sister Fiesco?

My meowmy and I are worried about my sister Fiesco. She hasn't been eating or drinking. So we think she might of Caught my desease.My Grandpa wants to get rid of her but meowmy want to get her tested before she goes the adoption center. But her dad said no because its to much money.So do you have any Addvice for what I can do to save her?

Asked by Lakota(R.I.P My Angel) on Sep 23rd 2007 in FIV (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus)
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Maybe Melon

Well if she has a disease that is contagious then she ABSOLUTELY SHOULD NOT be taken to the "adoption center" unless they are fully informed of the animals condition and agree to it. Any responsible pet owner knows that if they take on an animal as theirs, that their are always going to be expenses that go along with owning a pet and that is their responsibility to take care of that animal whatever it takes. Peolple should not take on more animals that they can afford and that includes unexpected expenses. Because you never know what might happen. You have to set aside your own feelings and do what is best for the animal.

Maybe Melon answered on 9/23/07. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 3 Report this answer

KIKI RIP MY BABY 5/04to10/8/07

i have no answers but i will pray Grandpa lets her stay and gets her to the vet soon. wish i could take her, but i can'y as i live to far plus my Kiki is sick and wouldn't like any new cats.good luck
prayers and purrs
Kiki & Tammy inpls in

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