Mozza (forever loved)

Does any other kitty make huffing noises when he feels bossy?

Hi, I'm Mozza, a 14 yr old neutered cat who thinks he's a pretty tough boy. Really, I'm not though. I get scared by loud noises or new people or places that I'm not sure of. And I'm a big lovey boy with my Mom & people I know well.

When I see other kitties around my place, when I look out the windows & they're in my yard, I get upset. I make these huffing noises through my nose (my mouth is closed) to let Mom know I'm getting bossy or angry. She's not quite sure what. I sometimes do it to my little sister, Morgana, too when I want to take over her spot or place on the windowsill.

Do any other kitties out there make funny huffing noises like me? What does your moms do when you're doing that. My Mom knows I get upset so she'll often tell me to stop. Most of the time, I do, but it doesn't seem to calm me down. I stop the huffing but I stay upset for a while unless Mom distracts me with something nice.

I'm curious to know what other cats act or sound like when they're bothered.

Asked by Mozza (forever loved) on Dec 29th 2007 Tagged grumpy, huffing, bossy in Aggression
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Huffing is a form of domiance among the cat family. Just like gorwling or hissing, it's a noise made by fear or aggression.

When he sees another cat in the yard, he gets frustrated that that cat is intruding onto his territory. If Mozza is an indoor-only cat, he is denied of the priviledge to defend, patrol, and mark his own territory, so all he can do is stare out the window and watch as a tresspasser calmly walks right through his yard. That's frustrating no? To help him out, distract him with something yummy to eat or his favorite toy.

When he wishes to dominate Morgana's bed, he'll make this huffing noise to intimidate her into moving out of the way for him. This is his way of proving how tough he is and establishing his rank with Morgana (she is obviously the "lower" cat).

Cats aren't like dogs who can live peacefully in a pack as equals. They are solitary, demanding animals who like to establish and make clear that THEY are in charge.

I hope this helps you out!

answered on Dec 30th.

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Izadore (Izzie)

This sounds like what my hubby does when he's angry! Seriously, when Izzie is scared, he smacks his lips (do kittens HAVE lips?). Izzie also purrs when he's scared, excited or happy. And I swear the other day when I asked my older boy Ernie where his little brother was, he said "I don't know." So, cats are pretty intricate creatures, wouldn't you agree? Also, I've heard that the older cats in a house will let the younger ones know they don't enjoy the "status" of the older cat. That may be what Mozza is doing to Morgana--pulling rank and all.

Izadore (Izzie) answered on 12/30/07. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer