Do raccoons prey on kittens?

Feral stray had 4 kittens about 5-6 weeks old in neighbors back yard. Heard the most horrifying cat growls (fighting) and screaming at 4:30 AM. It went on for almost 5 minutes. The next morning momma cat was around but I have only seen 1 of the 4 kittens. Raccoons are around alot looking to eat cat food & birdfood. I'm afraid the 3 kittens were killed. Has anyone experienced raccoons fighting a momma cat for kittens?

Asked by Member 628763 on Oct 6th 2008 Tagged wildlifeprey in Kittens
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The other day my neighbor told me he has a big racoon in his backyard at night. He has a small shed that feral cats go in and he keeps food available for them. One morning he went in and found 3 of 4 kittens eaten. He feels it was the racoon. He's never had a problem like this before. Hope this helped!

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I havent experinced it myself , but from what I ve heard , its likely , because racoons are large onmivoros that will eat anything they can find , both meat and plants. If they chanced upon a couple of young kittens , it is very likely they tried to eat them , or maybe if the mother didnt let them ,at least gave them some nasty injuries , which could have killed them. And it is possible the racoons tried to eat the cat food , then the mother defended her food , and then they fought and if the kittens were nearby , it killed them. You should wait a few days to see if they turn up , and if not , if possible , move the mother cat and her kitten inside , becuase even if they weren't killed by a racoon , somethig else killed them and it coul kill the remaining kitten too. It also could have beemn another cat , a tom. Hope this helps.

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Izadore (Izzie)

Raccoons are related to bears, wolverines, badgers, and shrews. All those animals (including raccoons) are fierce fighters. When food is involved, it makes them even meaner. It's possible the kittens scattered and hid as they were taught to do. It's also possible it was a tom who wanted to mate and that's what all the screaming was about. That's usually when kittens get killed. Tomcats don't usually hunt down and kill kittens. If you can trap the mom and baby, this is probably the only way to keep them safe from the semi-wildlife in your neighborhood. Our feral fosters used to set up a cage or "condo" in their garage until the kittens were weaned and mom could be trapped, spayed and returned. But don't try to do this alone as ferals are extremely difficult and dangerous to handle, and a mom with a baby who's been through the trauma of having her kittens killed could be totally weirded out. Enlist the help of a local shelter or animal control officer.

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The answer is yes. I'm not an expert on raccoons or kittens, but I've got a cat house on our deck with a plexiglass window, and we had to witness our kitten being eaten in it's own house. I assume this is fairly uncommon as I came across this question looking for answers to a similar question - most of what I've read so far is speculative. I believe that the problem that I had is due to a combination of three facts. First, we live in the country very close to woods. Second, I fed the kittens (and the coons...) underneath the cat house. Third, there was only one entrance to the house - no escape. This was actually the second kitten to get killed. The first one got eaten tooth and nail with nothing left to show but a few chips of bone, a tooth, and a little bloody fur. We didn't know what did it at first, but we knew it ait the kitten (~ 3 months old - not tiny!) in the cat house. We since were bringing the others in at night. Unfortunately the coon got the other at about 8 pm

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We have 3 big Raccoons nesting under our shed.With them is a kitten which shares the same abode.Is the kitten in danger? If so what should we do?

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We have experienced raccoons killing kittens. We live rural and have numerous feral and domestic cats around our yard - including several cat houses we've constructed for the ferals to bed in.

We feed ferals outside, leaving food in several places. Often raccoons will eat this food alongside the cats with no problems at all. In fact, we were impressed with the manner the cats and raccoons seemed to live side by side without problems.

However, seemingly out of the blue, kittens (6-10 month old ones) started to be attacked. It turns out it was one of the raccoons.

We have observed the attacks in progress, so this Yes answer is verified in person, and in horror.

The raccoons attack the face first, and will literally tear the face off. And they don't stop there. They consume almost everything so all that was left was a bit of pelt, some fragments of bone, a bit of jaw bone, a skinned tail, and one leg.

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Yes I hear the same things in my back yard
I have a lot of cats maybe like 12
One of my cats she just had kittens like a month ago
Well there outside now and today I went outside and one baby cat was missing ......
A couple weeks ago I took another cat from off the street
I brought it home stay 2 to 3 week at my house and one day I put it outside with the rest of the cats and after a day or two
It was gone :( ..... Then I have another cat we call her Garfield
A couple of months ago the had a baby kitten and it went missing ...

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