Do my cats remember each other after 4 months apart??

Okay so I have 2 cats a male & a female. They are brother & sister & i've had them since they were a week old and have always been together & inseparable. Well a few months ago my female cat got out & was with a rescue shelter for 4 months. When she was first gone my male cat cried every night for weeks & I could tell he was lost without her. A couple weeks ago I adopted her from the shelter & brought her home. The first night they were back together her brother acted like she was going to kill him! He was hissing, growling, attacking her. so on. I had to put him in a seperate room! After the first night he calmed down & just acted like she wasn't around. Hes not mean to her anymore but he dosent really acknowledge her. He will come up & sniff her & lick her for a minute but thats it. What I really want to know is does he remember her?? Is he just mad she left?? Will they ever be like they used to be??I dont get how after just 4 momths apart he is not bonded to her anymore!

Asked by Member 1131605 on Sep 19th 2012 in Answers
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Izadore (Izzie)

Both your cats have been through a traumatic experience and it will take time for them to readjust to things "the way they used to be". Your female came home smelling like a whole bunch of different things and this has weirded out the male. She is also back in what he now considers "his" territory, and just as if you'd adopted any other cat, you were wise for separating them. He's being careful around her and you will have to accept this. There really is no way to predict whether or not they'll ever have the same kind of bonding they had before. Maybe so, maybe not. Keep your schedule with them consistent, as it was before. Take care of them the same way you did. If they aren't "fixed", is it possible she's pregnant? You may want to bring her to your vet just for an exam to make sure everything is OK with her health-wise. While you're there, ask about micro-chipping at least for her. That way, if she bolts again and is found, you'll get her right back.

Izadore (Izzie) answered on 9/20/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer


A cat's perception of the world has a whole lot to do with smells and not so much sight. He was reacting to the smell of other cats on her from the shelter. There might have been urine spray from another male cat on her that you couldn't detect with your nose, but he could! Yes, he will be close to her again, but only after the smell of strange cats rub off and her own scent stands on its own. My cats Bunny and Footie were separated for 3 months. When I brought the male cat Footie back into the fold Bunny hissed at him, but within a week or two they were making out, licking each others' heads and playing again. Life was back to normal.

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