Do I get a male or female siamese or oriental Kitten as acompanion for my 1yr old siamese female?

My 1 year old spayed female's breeder just had another litter from her Tortie Oriental.She has had a mix of orientals and siamese,one is female and the rest males.
I have had siamese cats my whole life,never bred them,but I always girls,not sure why.
We have fallen for a gorgeous Spotty oriental boy,but I have heard so many people scare with stories of neutured males still spraying everywhere,still trying to mate even with spayed females,trying to get out to roam etc.
Although others say that boys are very affectionate and they would always choose them.
Very confused as to what to do.

Asked by Member 1142754 on Nov 28th 2012 in Kittens
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Chester [Rainbow Bridge]

Gender seems to have little to do with it in my experience, it all depends on the individual cats' personalities & how you go about introducing the new cat to the old one.

I had 2 (neutered) male cats that we got at different times that would share the bed & even the same dish to eat. However, in the time period where one of them was un-neutered, he was much meaner to the other cats & scratched up the furniture more. NEVER did either male spray or attempt to mate though, those sound like problems of a NONneutered male. If they still mark while inside even after neutering, it can mean anything from a health problem to a protest of a change in the house environment. Otherwise, male cats don't seem to pose any more problems than females.

However, all cats dislike change, so introduce the new cat very slowly, make sure you give the old cat plenty of attention so she doesn't get jealous of the newbie. There's lots of articles on the web on how to do this safely c:

Chester [Rainbow Bridge] answered on 11/28/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer

Izadore (Izzie)

I agree with Chester. I have a male (Izzie) and 2 females. It really does depend on their personality. Neutered males do mount to prove dominance, but not all do. Izzie never has. Altered males and females will spray to mark territory. Izzie sprays whenever our local outdoor cat is visible to him. You have the advantage of being able to speak with the breeder, who you obviously know since your first baby came from them. The breeders know the kitten's personalities and she probably even remembers your first kitten. Explain to her how the first baby has developed, her personality, your lifestyle and what you are looking for. And, as Chester said, make the introductions slowly. The breeder (and your vet) can help you out with advice. A successful introduction often results in a happy home life for everyone involved!

Izadore (Izzie) answered on 11/29/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 2 Report this answer