Do cats pick just one person to bond with? My kitten Riley rather be with me than anyone else. He's a sweetheart to ever

Asked by Riley on May 31st 2013 in Behavior & Training
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I think they do. My cat Beep, she loves all of us in the family, but she is my husbands cat. He was the one that took her in and gained her trust first, when she was a stray in my yard. We call her "his girlfriend" because if he has a lap, she is in it, and she doesn't sit in anyone else's lap. My feral, Arwen, she has bonded so closely with me and only me, lets no other human touch her, although she recently started rubbing up against my husbands leg, but he is not allowed to pet her, she will raise a warning paw if he tries. I think they very much do bond to one person more than others, and that is what makes our love for them so special, I mean, how can you not, when you have this beautiful, soft creature that looks at you with so much love and trust.

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