Do cats have false labor? What happens if the kittens are not old enough and she delivers anyway?

About 4 days ago, she started meowing at me like she was telling me it was time, so I layed with her and got her a box ready. She climbed in and began pushing every few minutes and clieaning her bottom. After about three hours and no kittens later, I got worried because she seemed exhausted. Then she stopped trying to push and went to sleep. I didn't know what to think, so I called a hotline and they said some cats can have false labor.
Today, she seems to be starting all over again. What's up?

Asked by BIDDY MEW on May 12th 2010 Tagged labor, pregnancy, delivery in Pregnancy
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Regarding false labor: yes. This site may give you some useful information:

Other birth problems include reabsorption of fetuses, along with abortion/miscarriage.

Cats are incredible baby-makers (one reason for the cat overpopulation problem), but at the same time, prenatal/neonatal fatalities are not that uncommon. Leila gave birth to seven healthy kittens who lived to adulthood, but her sister Chibi lost three of her seven during the birth process, which took three days to complete. Mind you, these are cattery cats who were mated with a stud, were in good health, the birth went according to schedule, and I was in contact with my vets during the whole process. If a cat is too tired to continue labor when there are still (live or dead) kittens remaining inside, it can necessitate a Caesarian or cause death. Contact an ER vet now. Purrs and good luck.

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