do cats get thicker coats of fur in the winter months?

Asked by Member 936745 on Nov 11th 2010 Tagged fur in Domestic Long Hair
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Yes, they do. The difference in a cat's summer coat and winter coat can depend of the breed of cat, the climate it lives in, and the kind and length of the fur. It's the undercoat that keeps the cat warm (the fine, down-like fur beneath the glossy, longer outer coat), and even short haired cats lose a lot of this in the spring. Some long haired breeds, like the Norwegian Forest Cat, shed so much fur in the summer that they can almost look like a different cat. Cats also seem to shed their summer coats in the fall, and so you may notice an increase in shedding then. I show and breed Maine Coons, and MC lore says that if you want a beautiful, thick show coat, you should keep your cats in an unheated, or at least coolish, room in the winter.

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