could anyone look at smokeys pics ....ill like to find out if she could be a chartreux....thanks so much

Asked by smokey on Jan 6th 2012 in Breeds
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Smokey is a lovely cat but, statistically speaking, highly unlikely to be a Chartreux. Blue is a coloration found in the general moggy population, and thus not necessarily an indicator of purebred genetic heritage. Cats are not dogs. The vast majority are generic cats with no recognizable purebred breed heritage. Also, some purebred breeds are rarer than others. The Chartreux is an old breed, but still relatively rare. I show with the CFA, and in this show season fewer than seventy Chartreux are being shown WORLDWIDE, in contrast with hundreds of Persians and Maine Coons. The rarer a breed, the more likely its breeding and ownership is to be limited to a small number of hobby breeders and knowlegeable and responsible owners, and the less likely to be sold unaltered, let outside, allowed to breed with the general cat population, or to be abandoned. These things happen, but are a statistical rarity. If you really want to know, show Smokey in the Household Pet division with the CFA or TIC

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