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I ended up taking my cat to the Emergency Pet Hospital. My cat was weak and crying out. I knew that my cats had fleas, but did not understand the severity.
The vet found that my cat was hypothermic (low body temp), enemic (low blood count from fleas sucking blood) and dehydrated.
The vets have a pill that immediately kills the fleas, and protects the cat for 30 days.
I also used boric acid in cracks in the garage and on the carpet in several rooms. It is powder and you pour it and then sweep it into the carpet. Let sit for awhile and then vacuum it up. Surprisingly I killed a rat (not a mouse) with the boric acid. Didn't even know that there was one in the garage. Cats, house and I are fine and flea-free.

Asked by Super Teddy on Oct 13th 2013 Tagged fleas, health, boricacid in Health & Wellness
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Charlie and Joey

once you find a flea on your cat or dog expect more and quickly get it treated. DONT WAIT TIL THE ANIMAL IS ALMOST DEAD TO GET IT TREATED!!!

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