Cleanest cat breeds?

My question is related to cleanliness - while I understand that good nutrition, frequent baths, and grooming will help, may it be assumed that shorter-haired cats will shed less and be cleaner - or is that more related to undercoat - or other factors?

I'd like to have a cat, but also prefer a very clean home. To the extent that whenever any hair or dirt is seen within my home, I immediately dust and clean the entire room, floors, etc.

While I've read the Catster webpages on short vs. long hair and hypoallergenic cats, is there any information on general cleanliness (i.e. less hair, less dander, etc.) of particular cat breeds? Unfortunately for me, I'm not preferential to the look of "hairless" cats. Any information is appreciated. Thank you. Kind Regards

Asked by Member 1146978 on Dec 28th 2012 Tagged clean, cleanliness, adoption, dander, hair in Breeds
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