Cat's being weird after I switched his food.

My cat has been farting a lot and not happily eating his new dry food, even though I upgraded to healthier food and got him off the cheap stuff. He's 10 years old. He also seems to be wandering around meowing/begging me while I'm in the kitchen, and he NEVER used to! He's also been wanting wet food, and he's always hated it. He only licks the sauce, doesn't eat the food. I've mixed some of his old cheap food with the new fancier stuff just to get him to tolerate it. What's wrong? Also, he's always been a "puker" but he has been puking much less with the new food, but I'm worried that's only because he's not eating!

Asked by Member 1176897 on Jun 24th 2013 Tagged help, cat, fart, picky, noteating in Pet Food
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Be very careful to make sure the cat does not go without food, they can get a serious problem if they don't eat for 3 days. I would give him his old food for now and gradually try to mix in the new food. At his age especially, you are right to want to put him on wet food. They will be VERY opposed to it at first, but the fact that he will lick the food is a very good sign that he will eat it eventually. What I did is gave my cat a small amt of her dry, like 1/4 c, and then offered wet food (it will be fine left out for a while), then another 1/4 c dry at dinnertime and more wet. She ignored the wet for the first few days, but she got hungry enough to eat it. What you can't do is panic and feed more dry, if the dry bowl is always full, they will never pick the wet. is an excellent site to read about how to transition a cat to wet food. He will be much healthier.For now, you just have to make sure he eats. And you have to transition new foods slowly, mix the new with old

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Panda Bear

Did you switch to a senior variety GRADUALLY? Going from grocery food to a high-protein or grain-free diet will not be as palatable to the little guy. I don't know what you are currently feeding, but a little wet is very good for the urinary tract. Too much will cause tooth decay, which can be remedied with Greenies treats afterwards (recommended by the doggie and kitty vet dental association). Greenies SmartBites treats have a digestive variety in salmon (new) with coconut fiber. I've always done well with various Nutro brand dry foods, which can be found in pet specialty retailers nationwide. ^_^

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