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Cat with prior UTI still peeing on couch

I have a cat who recently had a UTI and now has been cured (but took a while) and she still now on occasion will pee on couch - I have cleaned the couch as thoroughly as I could I keep it covered with pee pads and have a litterbox in the living room - but when I take covers off to sit on occasion she will jump up and pee (wont pee on pad though!) I am buying a plastic cover - But my question is has anyone else had this problem with their cat after a UTI cleared up? and they continue to pee on occasion? Is this habit curable? I did recently have her tested again and it came back negative (just to rule out the UTI came back) Please help I have tried everything possible (I WONT GIVE UP) but I need some advice!

Asked by Cheddar, Almond, Razberry on Oct 1st 2013 Tagged peeing in Behavior & Training
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Orion Hemingway

Cats will resoil if they smell their own urine in the same spot. You need a product that is going to remove all the pheromones so your cat can't smell anything (not easy). Purchase a blacklight and use it at night so you can see what your cat is smelling... it all happens instinctually according to smell and then you will know exactly where to scrub (sometimes floors, blankets, walls). Good for you keeping at it! I brought in a new kitten and my condo is now a semi-hiss fest... they're worth it! Cheers ^_^

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