Cat pooping on the couch.

7 Months old male and more dominant then his sister. Both fixed, no medical problems. I have 2 litter boxes spaced far apart and have tried different types of litters. I tired putting stuff on my couch to cover it (ex. tin foil) but he likes it. The couch has been cleaned and deodorized as much as possible. I cant move my furniture around. I also tried to make him forget about it for several months by putting my coffee table on the couch but as soon as I took it off he pooped again. I have also tried to reward him and spray him. He gets plenty of attention and nothing changed when this started to happen. If the couch is blocked off he sometimes goes for my bathmat. He only has peed on the couch once when he was 2 months old. This is not spraying. When the couch is blocked off he uses the litter box normally. The only thing left I can think of is buying a new couch which I cannot afford (would leather be better?). Also I feed him on the couch and he still poops there!

Asked by Member 1156168 on Feb 20th 2013 Tagged pooping, couch in Urine Marking & House Soiling
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Joey (In Memory)

First things first - a trip to the vet to rule out anything medically going on that would cause him to defecate outside the box. Second, if this is behavioral, you are going to have to retrain him to use the litter box. It may be that he doesn't like where the box is - he may feel dominated by his sister (you should observe to see if she is bullying him at the box). Using punishment is counterproductive when it comes to box issues - so don't use the spray. Give him high praise and a treat when he does use the box. It takes time and patience. As far as the couch - use an enzymatic cleaner (if he can smell it he will keep going there) - and in my experience leather is no good with claws. Good luck - start with the vet.

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