Cat not using litter box

I have a 3 year old male cat, I got another kitten she is now 6-7 months old. I have 2 litter boxes, but I am finding one of them is going pee in front of the litter box or on a rug I have in the bathroom. I have removed the rug and now I am finding sometimes one of them is going in the corner in the bathroom as well. I believe it is the new female that is not using the litter box. How do I fix this issue?! I have tried using less litter in the box, also leaving the top off but that didn't seem to make a difference

Asked by Member 1153739 on Feb 5th 2013 in Urine Marking & House Soiling
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Are they both covered boxes? I just recently had a problem with my 6 year old pooping in front of the box instead of inside. Having 2 cats can get tricky because they hate getting surprised while doing their business. My younger cat takes great pleasure in ambushing the older guy as he exits the box, which created a bit of litter aversion because Simon (the older guy) felt nervous about getting trapped in there by Hunter (my stalker cat)
If they are covered try removing the cover on at least one, if not both. If they are both uncovered try getting a hood for one (some cats actually prefer hooded boxes) Other causes could be that the box has trapped previous odor (if it's an older box) and the new cat may not want to use it, in which case you can either scrub it and then deodorize it or buy a new box all together.

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