Cat is licking all the hair off on her side, whole underbelly, arms, inside of back legs & base of tail - what to do?

She's been to the vet multiple times (thousands of $$!), given steroid shots, they told us to change her diet, etc. [She is now on grain-free, soy-free, everything-bad-free expensive food (duck & peas anyone?)] ...STILL licking her hair off.
Sometimes her head & ears are very hot to the touch, she gets nasty if you touch a place where she's licked the hair off.
Worst of all, she doesn't make it to the litterbox every time, which drives my parents insane. She went through a phase of that about a year ago, we resorted to locking her in a dog cage any time we couldn't supervise her, & finally she broke the habit & got better. Now she's sickly & misbehaving all over again. Her tail really looks ridiculous, like someone shaved the first inch off the base.
Any idea what's going on with my kitty? Often she walks w/ her back and tail arched when she's about to squat somewhere, so I've taken to rushing her to the litterbox & giving her lots of praise. Sometimes she cries, too :(

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Joey (In Memory)

Sometimes when there isn't a medical reason for this type of issue - the answer is that it is behavioral. There are cats that respond to anxiety by over grooming. Has the vet even suggested this might be what is going on? My best advice is to make sure the vet ruled out anything medical. Then maybe see a vet that specializes in behavior and alternative therapy. In the meantime - try and see if there is a trigger for the behavior. Make her surroundings very calm. Try a Feliway diffuser or calming collar. There is also Rescue Remedy which you can add to her water. See if reducing her stress level - reduces her urge to groom. If natural remedies don't work there are also medications that can alleviate her anxiety. Check with the vet once more or maybe try a new one who deals with stressed out kitties. Good luck.

Joey (In Memory) answered on 1/21/13. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 2 Report this answer


im sorry but you need to contact the vet immediatal

sassy answered on 1/21/13. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer