Cat has sensitive stomach

I'm wondering if anyone has some answers for me about cats with sensitive stomachs? My cat Bojangles is a large cat (maine coon I believe) and is also overweight, he's generally large in size but does have excess fat (he's nearly 21 lbs). Bo is pretty active and is an indoor cat. I got him when he was approximately 4 years old and he's now nearly 7. I have tried a number of times to feed him wet food. His previous owners to my knowledge have only ever fed him dry, but as I've had cats my whole life they've always had wet and dry food. He's the only pet I have currently, but when I've tried giving him wet food (very small amounts- a teaspoon or even less) he tends to throw it up either immediately after, or if it's a smaller amount maybe within a couple hours of consumption. He also has hairballs more often than other cats due to his long hair. I've asked the vet before and they suggested wet foods with fish, but it hasn't seemed to make much difference.

Asked by Bojangles on May 16th 2013 Tagged food, sensitive in Health & Wellness
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