Cat envy?

We have two cats that were raised together, and we got them about a month ago. One of them lost her eye about 6 months ago, and we've noticed that when the other cat is sleeping or laying down, she'll come up and try to bite or scratch at her eye. They get along great, they play together, cuddle together, but every once in a while, the one eyed cat goes for the other cats eye. Is she jealous? Is there anything we can do about it to make her feel better? They are both about a year old.

Asked by Member 1141970 on Nov 23rd 2012 Tagged disability, jealous in Aggression
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Aww, im not exactly sure why your one eyed kitty goes for the others EYE....but usually, behaviour like this is a kittys way of asserting, or showing some dominant behaviour,on the other hand your one eyed kitty might be trying to assert itself because of its ''weakness'' cats HATE to feel weak and often compensate or hide thier weakness , usually, youll notice and more so if you have three or more cats, there is always a pecking order with an alpha kitty at the top, and sometimes alpha kitty finds it nessecary to exibit dominant behaviour such as pouncing , biting or kicking another kitty off of her favourite spot. Keep an eye on them(no pun intended!) it may not be aggressive after all and just another start of a play session when one wants to play and the other is sleeping!Play fights are usually in good stead,I wouldnt think kitty would be jealous but she may be curious and not have a full understanding about what happened to her own eye? hopefully all is well!

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