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My cat Willie, who is a 10 yr old male, was taken to vet for vaccinations(Rabies, Panleuk/Rhino/Calici)this past July(he had not had his yearly vaccinations for about 4-5 yrs-never been outside before) as I was considering getting another cat since my best buddy, Cody, a female Maine Coone died this past January after 18 years with me. Cody went blind and then into renal failure. Willie seemed depressed since her death(they were buddies) and thought he may need a new friend. Willie was always outgoing and playful and very loving. I took Willie to vets for his Rabies and Panleuk/Rhino/Calici vaccinations-which he had not had for prox. 4-5 yrs since he was never outside but wanted to make sure he had his vaccinations updated since I was considering adopting another cat. The very next day, Willie began drinking alot of water and acting strangely-not playful-I thought he may just be sore from the injections or traumatized from going to the vets-since he had not been there f

Asked by Member 609224 on Jan 5th 2009 in Diabetes
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Jester (1988-2007)

Your question got chopped off so you may need to repost if this doesn't answer your question.

High blood sugar from diabetes can make a cat feel lousy and tired which will affect their behaviour. If Willie is already on insulin for his diabetes he may need his insulin dose increased and you should discuss that with your vet.

When Jester got diabetes I bought a Relion blood test meter and strips from Walmart so that I could test her blood sugar at home. Its pretty easy, you just have to prick a vein in their ear and get a small drop of blood to test. The vet can show you how. In addition to that the vets can do a test called a fructosamine test that measures the average blood sugar test over the last couple of weeks.

I also discovered that switching Jester from dry to wet food helped reduce her blood sugars as it has much less carbohydrate. So if he'll eat wet food it will help keep his blood sugar stable and easier to control.

Jester (1988-2007) answered on Jan 5th.

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Izadore (Izzie)

It's quite possible that Wille was a little stressed from his trip to the vet, especially if he hadn't been there in a while. Since he was doing this in July, it's also possible if the weather was hot, he was just thirsty. If he is still acting this way 6 months later, he's overdue for a another "chat" with his doctor. It may be diabetes, and it could simply be that as an animal ages, they do lose some kidney function and begin drinking more water. Before you do any changing of diet, please consult with Willie's vet for their guidance.

Izadore (Izzie) answered on 1/5/09. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer