Cat Bites, hisses and runs away from me, swats draws blood, etc.

My cat is somewhat antisocial, and lately whenever I try to go pet her or pick her up she hisses and growls, swats at me, whenever I talk to her she does the same thing, when i am gone according to family she wanders around looking for me but when I get home she watches me and sits in my room but whenever I go pet her she hisses and runs, we have had her for 3-4 years and we found her as a kitten a few weeks old. I don't understand this and if i am in bed she jumps in it and lays on me and purrs all happy and lets me pet her but as soon as I get up, she hisses and stays away from me. When she first started being violent i tried spray bottles to teach her not to swat and bite, then I tried the nape of the neck thing then after a while I gave up. and now whenever she hisses and claws at me, I just hiss at her and get her away from me or ill suffer bloody legs and feet every morning. She has her claws, and is not spayed. I need help please and thank you.

Asked by Member 1055427 on Sep 12th 2011 Tagged claws, bites, hisses, runs, mean in Aggression
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Izadore (Izzie)

Spaying is a good idea on many levels. It totally prevents unwanted litters, and it can also work to calm a cat down, although it will not work wonders. It can also prevent "female" issues like cancers later as she ages. She is in the prime of her mating life right now and when she comes into heat, you will notice much more aggression and restlessness from her. I would strongly suggest you have her spayed. Also, some cats just do not like to have their feet off the ground. It makes them feel they are no longer "in control". It sounds like your cat just doesn't like to be "messed with". If you sprayed her with water and scruffed her, it could have had exactly the opposite of the desired reaction and made her more aggressive. If she is stalking and attacking you, then when you take her in to have her spayed, speak with the vet and ask for their ideas.

Izadore (Izzie) answered on 9/12/11. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 2 Report this answer