Can you answer my 5 questions on cats?

Hi, I'm a student from Fonda Fultonville Central School. I'm doing an expert project on cats. I have a few questions. If you can, please answer them.
-What do cats need in their diet?
-How many cat breeds are there?
-How many kittens can a cat have?
-What does a cat do to show they're lonely?
-How long can a cat live?
Thank you!

Asked by Member 1154930 on Feb 12th 2013 in The Catster Website
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As far as diet I am not exactly sure but if you can pook at a can of prescription food you can fikd the answer to this one. My diabetic cat was eating prescription food before going on insulin. The second question my sons cat has had 3 litters and all 3 litters had 4 kittens but 5-6 would be the limit although they may not all be healthy. Lonliness would cause chewing on furniture, not using the litter box, demanding attention when someone is around by constant rubbing, pawing at ones legs, getting on countertops and knocking things off. Negative attention is better than none at all. My friend had a cat that lived 20 yrs. They can live to be as old as 22 but it really depends on the breed. I hope my answers are not too vague.

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1. Cats are obligate carnivores, which means they must eat meat to survive. It's also very important for them to get enough taurine from their food; insufficient taurine can lead to blindness. Seafood does not have enough taurine, and cats who are fed only canned tuna often go blind.

2. There are new breeds cropping up all the time, although this is not necessarily a good idea. For info on breeds, go to (Cat Fanciers' Assoc.)

4. The record for number of kittens in a litter is 15, which is way too many for the poor mom! Eight is even a lot, but that's one for each nipple.

5. Cats react in different ways to being lonely. Some become very clingy and vocal, some become destructive, some start going outside the litter box, some stop eating.

6. 13-15 years is usually the top end of a cat's lifespan, although with today's better quality foods and advanced veterinary care, many cats live to be 20-22.

You can find all kinds of information about cats on the cat pages of

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